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Published December 4, 2012 by JJordan


Good morning all! I have with me today, Greta van der Rol, who has stopped by to share her new book, Black Tiger, and answer a few questions for us. Links to purchase this book will be found at the bottom of the post, so settle in and enjoy yourselves!


He haunts the jungle – and her dreams

When Dr. Sally Carter travels to India to regroup from a broken heart the last thing she wants is to fall in love. But Raja Asoka (Ash) Bhosle is entirely too attractive to ignore, even though she knows it can only end in tears. Hers.

Ash guards his forest and the precious creatures within it, protecting the rare tigers from mindless slaughter, and a secret that lives in legend. From the moment he sets eyes on the Australian doctor, he wants her, even over the objections of his mother and the unsuitability of her cultural heritage.

While Ash fights tiger poachers, Sally struggles against cultural prejudice. Can the Legend of the Black Tiger be the bond that brings them closer together, or will it be an impossible belief that rips them apart. The closer Sally comes to understanding what the legend means, the more frequent the nightmares become. Is she losing her sanity, or is there more to Sally than she herself knows? The answers lie buried in her past.

When the Black Tiger breaks free to stalk the night, only one thing will control the beast.

1) The romance in this story takes place between an Indian man and an Australian woman. Tell us, without giving away too much, what is the hardest obstacle that Sally and Ash have to overcome as their relationship is blossoming

People who have been to India often talk about being confronted by the huge cultural gulfs in that country. The rich are very, very rich and the poor live in abject poverty.  I’m talking about people – whole families – living in the streets. You walk past dead bodies lying in the gutter. Beggars everywhere. That sort of thing has a profound effect on Westerners who are used to clean, sanitary conditions. Sure, every country has slums and people living in dire circumstances but you wouldn’t find anything like these Indian sub-cultures in Australia. That’s Sally’s issue. No running water, no sewage systems, squat toilets, lack of hygiene, poor food, women in their place, noise, dirt.

For Ash, he is expected to marry within his class, to the right sort of woman. He has an aristocratic background and I’ve drawn that as being an even greater incentive to chose carefully. He has another concern, too. He has to find a woman who carries the were-tiger gene. They ar

e as rare as tigers.

2)      Cultural differences can make a relationship harder than usual. What are some of the basic differences between Ash’s upbringing and Sally’s?

Ash is the only son of a raja. Rajas don’t have any political power in India any more but I think it would be rather like in England where Lord Fauntleroy has no political clout, but he’s sure got some social appeal. So Ash grew up in the family palace, among the family’s loyal servants. He has been educated in England and now he’s developing his business interests. He’s a wealthy man.

Sally was the daughter of a storeman, growing up in a working class suburb of Melbourne with her older brother. But Sally was smart and worked hard to get a position in medical school. She supported herself by working at Macdonald’s part time. Her father died of cancer when she was still studying and her mother and brother turned to religion, so Sally moved out by herself. So… no privilege, no servants but the chance to make something of yourself in a Western society.

3)      Ash’s mother seems to be a hindrance to them falling in love, or at least being able to be together. What about Indian culture makes it so hard for his mother to view Sally as a suitable lover/wife?

Ash’s mother knows he must marry someone with the were-tiger gene, or the were-tiger dynasty is finished. Apart from that, though, Indian marriages are still mainly arranged by the parents. Divorce is not an option. In the normal way of things, Ash’s parents would have found a sui

table wife for him. But Ash’s father died while Ash was away at university and finding the right person has become his problem. Like the tigers themselves, those with the were-tiger gene are disappearing. But one thing Ash’s mother is certain about – no Westerner will carry the gene. It’s impossible. So Sally is not an option for her son.

4)      Ash must be an alpha male to be able to defend the tigers he loves so much against poachers. Is he sensitive and sweet as well? Or is he the dominating type?

He’s an alpha male for sure. He fights constantly to control the were-tiger, which is totally savage. I think he’s sensitive and sweet when it comes to Sally, but there are times he doesn’t come across that way because of the circumstances and because he knows an affair with her would be just a dalliance.

5)      Just for fun, what is Sally’s favorite part of Ash? Eyes? Lips? Smile?

Shoulders and butt. There’s nothing better than a tight little arse (as we say in Australia) rising up to wide shoulders. Is it warm in here?

EXCERPT*****Sally has just arrived in India and has witnessed a family being evicted from a village. She has just found out that Ash, who is driving her to the tiger park, is the Raja.

The cruiser breasted a hill an

d started down into the village of Kinpoor. She sat up, peering through the windscreen. “Are we there, yet?”

“Nearly. One more village and then we’ll enter the park.”

At the outskirts of the township he slowed down and waited while a skinny, slab-sided cow with the typical Brahman hump, twitching ears and sad, soft eyes, ambled out of the way. Sally gazed around her, round-eyed.

“Have you been to Asia before?” he asked.

She gave the ghost of a smile. “Just ten days in Bali when I was a student.”

This must be very new, very different for her. The opposite of his

own introduction to the world, when he’d left India to study at Cambridge. He’d been miserable until he’d learned to accept what was.

He drove on, easing down the street. A scooter carrying a man, and a woman holding onto a child, wobbled past a cart piled high with corn stalks. Scooters and bikes w

ere everywhere, in the road or leaning against walls and trees. Revving engines, beeping horns and the conversation of people filtered through the windows of the car.

“It’s so noisy. And so many people,” she said.

“Yes, very different from a modern, Western city like Melbourne. The people have different expectations, different values, too.”

“Like evicting people over a superstition?” Her voice dripped contempt.

He pushed down the tremor of annoyance. He couldn’t expect her to understand. “It may have been a last straw, it may have been a vindictive neighbor planting tracks. They may have just had it in for him for some other reason. But it is up to the panchyat—the village council. I have no power there.”

He pressed his foot on the accelerator as soon as he could. “Besides, are you so sure something like that could not happen in Australia?”

“No.” She snapped the word without even thinking.

“No-one has ever been ejected for being the wrong color, the wrong nationality, the wrong religion?”

She sucked in a breath, frowning a little. He must have hit a nerve. Just outside the village, the towers of Tengai palace gleamed white above

the enclosing hedge.

Twisting in her seat, she stared out the window as they passed. “What’s that?”

“Tengai Palace.”

“A palace? Where you live?”

Not likely. Share a wing with his mother? She pried into his life quite enough as it was. “It’s a hotel, now.”

“Oh.” She gazed over her shoulder at the receding building.

He could guess what she was thinking; was ‘home’ going to be a hovel?

“Don’t worry, Doctor Carter, your accommodation will not disappoint. But if it does, room can always be found for you at the palace.”

Author pic lgeAuthor Bio

Greta van der Rol loves writing science fiction with a large dollop of good old, healthy romance. Black Tiger is a slight departure from her usual genre, because it’s contemporary and paranormal., but, like her other books, it’s fast-paced and action-packed. She lives not far from the coast in Queensland, Australia and enjoys photography and cooking when she isn’t bent over the computer. She has a degree in history and a background in building information systems, both of which go a long way toward helping her in her writing endeavors.

She also has a love for animals and nature, which is why all profits from the sales of Black Tiger will go to the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to help tiger conservation.

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Alpha Male Blog Hop Oct. 19-22

Published October 19, 2012 by JJordan

Hi everyone! Thanks for stopping by. Information about the Alpha Male Blog Hop will be posted at the bottom of this post so be sure to read through the information carefully and leave a comment below to be entered to win some amazing grand prizes. Also, leave a comment below about Alpha Males to be entered to win a a free $10 Amazon gift card from me as well. So… let’s get started *wink* *wink*.

I’m an alpha male kinda girl. Betas don’t do much for me even though for the purpose of romance novel plot they are sometimes needed. Alpha males are the embodiment of the ultimate man and are usually extremely hot. But, to me, being an alpha male is much more about the mindset of the man than the way he looks. He’s the hero who always comes for his woman (pun intended) and kicks a lot of ass while doing so. He will never leave her for another woman because he can’t survive without her. Every romance novel I’ve ever read has an alpha male for the hero and I’ve read hundreds throughout the years. To me, alpha males are like superheros, with or without the powers.

Here’s a juicy excerpt from Forbidden Desires just to add a little sex to your morning…enjoy!

Diana vaguely heard Li announce she was leaving to get something but didn’t bother to answer, simply moaned her acknowledgment and rolled her limp head to the side, sighing in contentment. Only a few minutes had passed when a knock sounded on the door and she sighed, keeping her eyes closed. It had to be Li, although why she would knock was beyond her.

“It’s open,” she said tiredly, shifting her legs in the water.

The door creaked open abruptly. She heard footsteps on the wood floor, but they stopped suddenly followed by a sharp inhale. Diana frowned and then felt her heartbeat quicken as a sudden horrible thought dawned on her. Those footsteps had been too heavy to be Li’s. Obviously, Li wouldn’t have knocked either, so that meant that…

Her eyes flew open and she gasped, unable to move quickly to cover herself. Shang stood before her, shocked to have walked in on her like this. Her back was arched away from the basin, and she knew any quick movements would cause her great pain. Her breasts were thrust upward out of the water while her arms had been resting along the sides of the tub, and the light from the fire danced across her wet, naked torso. Neither moved, both seemingly frozen in their surprise.

Slowly, Diana was able to lift her head, and tendrils of blonde hair fell over her shoulders caressing the swell of her breasts enticingly. Her eyes were seemingly unable to look away from Shang as his black gaze bore into hers. She wanted to move or speak but couldn’t. The way he was looking at her made her entire body grow hot and mouth go dry. In a graceful fluid motion, he crossed the short distance between them and stood behind her, kneeling quietly in back of the tub. She froze, not knowing what was going to happen next.


Shang didn’t know what possessed him to keep staring at her the way he did instead of leaving immediately, but there was no way he could now. She had caught him by surprise when he walked through the door and expected to find her abed still, safely behind the screen that he had made Li put up. Instead he found her naked and wet in his bath tub, breasts exposed to the air, and soft light dancing over them the way his hands longed to do. Instead of shrieking and flailing around as she should have done, she had simply stared at him, eyes full of confusion and shock, but also with something he never would have expected to find directed at him—desire.

As he kneeled behind her, the blood pounding in his head and lust twisting in his stomach, his fingers tentatively reached out to comb through her damp glorious hair. He had never touched hair this color or texture before, and it entranced him as did her blue eyes.

She drew her breath in sharply and tensed as he ran his hand over her head and through her hair. She should scream, or at the very least tell him to stop and try and cover herself up. But she was unable to do any of those. Everything inside her was paralyzed, and she knew it was because as much as she hated him, at the same time she didn’t want him to go away or stop touching her. She’d thought about their encounter a month ago every day since, and though she knew she should feel violated, the memory of lips on hers haunted her dreams at night.

Hesitantly, his hands stopped caressing her hair, and she tensed, desperately not wanting him to speak. It would do nothing but cause complications. She felt a fist curl gently around her hair and draw her head back so that she looked wide-eyed into the black eyes of her captor, her enemy. They looked slightly surreal, with nothing but firelight reflected in them. Diana’s mind was blank, unable to even think, until his mouth lowered onto hers, swift and urgent. Almost immediately, her lips parted to draw him in, and this tiny act of submission seemed to inflame him further. His tongue stroked hers, and this time it was met with fervor. He could not get close enough to her it seemed, though their mouths were fitted together as tight as physically allowed.

She lost herself in his kiss and the feel of his hand on her face, lightly putting pressure on the side of her cheek and neck. His mouth left hers, and she uttered a moan of protest only to have it swiftly caught in her throat as his lips grazed her throat, teeth lightly nipping her sensitive skin. A hard ball of lust slammed into her belly causing her to lose her breath and she gasped. She drew both arms up over her head to entwine her fingers in his hair and forcefully directed his mouth back to hers. He groaned, losing what little self-control he had, and moved from his position behind her to have better access to her mouth.

She kneeled in the water and ran her hands over his face and throat and chest. She was frustrated by the limited amount of his skin that was exposed and in her haste, ripped open the top of his tunic and slid the remains off his shoulders. The fabric hung at his waist, still belted together with his red sash. He didn’t seem to mind the ruination of his clothing.

His hand slid down to cup her soft breast. His fingers rolled over her nipple, causing her back to arch and her head to roll back as she gasped in pleasure. He kneaded the soft skin until he could stand it no longer and bent his head to suck and then lick it. Her hands pressed his head tightly against her breast, and she moaned, causing his cock to twitch inside his pants.

He wanted to be inside her mouth again and abruptly stopped sucking to make his way back up to her face. She eagerly took both sides of his face and opened her mouth to let him in. They both vaguely heard the door open but paid no attention to it. It wasn’t until they each heard a loud gasp that they broke the kiss off to look over.

Li was very red-faced and embarrassed by what she had interrupted and quickly turned to leave, but Shang stood up abruptly and without looking down at Diana, rattled off something foreign to Li and left, slamming the door. Li looked very embarrassed as she walked over to the tub, but shook her finger at Diana.

“I leave you for a moment and this is what I find?” She clucked at her and walked around the tub, motioning for Diana to stand up. She wrapped a towel around her gently and led her behind the screen.

Diana had never been so mortified in her entire life. How could she have done that? How could she desire someone like him, someone who had taken her life away from her?

Her face turned scarlet as she remembered the way he had touched her and kissed her, and the way she had latched tightly onto him, drawing him closer to her. It had felt as if she couldn’t get close enough to him.

Oh Lord, and he had touched her breasts, at least one anyway. It had felt so good she had never wanted it to stop. She still didn’t. She covered her face with her hands as she thought of what they might have done if Li hadn’t interrupted them.

A lady of her race and station simply did not take a man from the Orient to bed, especially when she still had a husband, wicked and vile though he may be. It had been rammed into her brain since she was a child in her father’s house that certain men were off limits to her simply because of the color of their skin, and she had accepted it without question. Now she was acting like a one of those girls who lived above a saloon and sold their bodies for a few coins. And for what? At least those girls were getting something out of it.

Li gently patted the moisture from the dark red stripes across the backside of her body. Diana was fortunate because once the swelling went down, her wounds hadn’t been that bad. Only a handful of the welts had actually swelled with blood. They itched right now, and she took it as good sign that they were healing well. Soon she wouldn’t have to sleep on her stomach all night. All night in that big, soft bed. Shang’s bed.

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed! You can get a copy of Forbidden Desires at any of the places listed below and remember to be sure and comment to be entered to win $10 Amazon gift card.


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